Troy Area Wildlife Control Services

Platinum Wildlife Removal LogoThe Troy area of Michigan is teaming with wildlife. Unfortunately these high populations of nuisance wildlife along with rising populations of humans cause run ins that can only be solved by professional wildlife removal technicians. For the Troy Michigan area, Platinum Wildlife Removal is the highest rated and most trusted company according to online resources.

Squirrel Removal

One common call in fall and spring is squirrel removal. Squirrels actually use houses that are close together and many people see them running through the power lines and jumping from one rooftop to another squirrel control and squirrel removal control is increasing and it has to be handled at the exact moment when you see a squirrel in your attic or home. You have to believe that the last thing you want is squirrels in your attic! A lot of people who live in the Troy Michigan area want to control and remove squirrels and, but they do not know where to go or who to call. This problem has to be handled quickly and as soon as possible, otherwise the squirrels will dig holes and chew the wiring once they are inside.

Squirrels usually live in trees, they can be seen running through the power lines and along the streets. You will not be happy if their nest is in your house. If you notice that a squirrel lives in your attic or any other part of your home, you have to call a professional trapper for humane squirrel removal.

Raccoon Removal

Another problem is raccoon removal. They are extremely clever animals and they know how to adapt in the suburban environment. Raccoons usually whatever it takes to get food, they dig in the trash and will also dig up yards. The raccoon removal process in Troy is very critical because raccoons can easily get in the attic and cause a big damage to the attic insulation in no time. You should not let them live in your attic and it is important to get rid of them once you discover them.

We all know that raccoons can be very destructive animals and they are the cause for insurance claims in the USA that cost more than $2 billion yearly. The distraction and noise which raccoons can make can be astronomical as well. This is a rundown of common damage that raccoons will cause: they will destroy the ductwork, soil the insulation, they will cause damage to the attic vents and they also pose a threat to you and your family’s health by bringing in possible diseases which can be easily spread to people. Troy raccoon removal is increasing and raccoons cannot safely live inside of a home.

Bat Removal

In the past years Troy bat removal has been on the rise. You can find bats in many churches and houses in the Troy, Michigan area. The most prevalent problem related to the bats in your attic is actually the large quantity of bat guano which builds up in the attic over a certain period of time. You should not allow bats to stay in the attic. Once you see them you need to call a bat control and bat removal professional, especially someone who is an expert at bat exclusion. For the last decade, bat removal in Troy is increased and in the last 3 years the cases with bat guano cleanup bat guano are significantly raised during the last 3 years. In the first stages, the average cost for bat removal is rather low. However, if this problem remains and it is not eliminated, the cost will significantly rise up. There are costs which are related to removal of guano from the attic area in your home. You should know that there has to be certain degree of biohazard cleanup which goes together with a bat infestation in your attic.

Skunk Removal

Skunks are also a very common animal which is found in Troy and we receive many complaints about them. The biggest problem is that they dig under the steps or stoops of a house in order to find a place to live. This is a big problem if the homeowner has a dog. If they meet the animal a showdown will almost definitely happen. Do not attempt to handle skunk removal by yourself. You should call a professional. It is illegal and not safe for you or the animal.

Skunks are a special animal and people in Troy, MI area discovered they can do extraordinary things. The most interesting thing that we have discovered they do is that they have up to 12 skunk babies. You should not leave them to just live under the deck or stoop of your home and you should call professionals which can help you to deal with this problem. 

Professional Trapping Services

The services for Animal Removal include removing and trapping of nuisance wildlife, animal proofing existing structures, which can be at risk for entry of animals and repairing different animal damages. There are other services which include animal trapping, removal of dead animals, pest control, wildlife exclusions, replacement and removal of contaminated insulation attic cleanup and removal of animal waste.

These are some common calls for animal removal that we deal with in Troy, MI. We are able to help with removal of other animals such as foxes, birds, beavers, coyotes and other wildlife which can be found in Michigan.